Blessing is a heart-affecting drama about the soul's deep yearnings. This idiosyncratic film written and directed by Paul Zehrer is set on a Wisconsin dairy farm.

Twenty-three-year-old Randi (Melora Griffis) has fallen in love with Lyle (Gareth Williams), a restless young man who is ready to hit the road in his Winnebago. She dreams of seeing the ocean, and is tired of the hard farm work. Her mother (Carlin Glynn) is nearly crippled with arthritis, and her father (Guy Griffis) is sick with despair over the changes he sees in h is land. Randi is very close to Clovis (Clovis Siemon), her ten-year-old brother who wants to be a farmer. The question is whether her burnt-out and depressed father can keep the place going long enough to pass it on to his son.

Blessing is a bountiful film. It shows how soul hides in the darkest corners of our shattered hopes and resides in our high flying dreams to make a new life for ourselves. The fierce ache of desire, according to Paul Zehrer, animates our deepest yearnings for roots and for wings.