The two Irish American brothers in She's the One are ambivalent about their love relationships with women. And they are still in competition with each other.

Mickey (Edward Burns), who drives a cab, impulsively marries Hope (Maxine Bahns), a graduate student who works at a bar. When he learns that she wants to continue her studies abroad in Paris, he is stunned. Francis (Mike McGlone) is a self-centered and greedy Wall Street hot shot who has grown bored with his wife Rene (Jennifer Aniston). In order to keep himself amused he begins an affair with Heather (Cameron Diaz) who just happens to be his brother's former fiancee.

The Fitzgerald boys still keep in touch with their father (John Mahoney), a retired New York fireman who has just learned that his wife is having an affair.

This romantic comedy written and directed by Edward Burns follows in the spirit of The Brothers McMullen with its incisive depiction of sibling rivalry and sexual politics. Here the Fitzgerald men don't have a clue about true intimacy.

This film provides a fine meditation upon philosopher Sam Keen's thought: "The most heroic thing a man is ever called to do is to become fully conscious, awake and aware."