Steal Big, Steal Little is a fast-paced comedy romp which celebrates the triumph of good in the great dance of life.

Ruben (Andy Garcia) inherits a 40,000-acre Santa Barbara ranch and estate from his bohemian artist stepmother (Holland Taylor). But his greedy twin brother Robby (also played by Andy Garcia), who is allied with a powerful cabal of wheeler-dealers, sets out to overturn the will and put into motion an extravagant real estate development. Aided by his wife (Rachel Ticotin), a streetwise friend (Alan Arkin) from Chicago, and a lawyer (Joe Pantoliano) with a change of heart, the generous Ruben tries to bring to fruition his dream of sharing the ranch with its Hispanic workers.

Director Andrew Davis (The Fugitive) has created a zesty contemporary parable about the Kingdom of God. Here good triumphs over evil, enemies are embraced and forgiven, and community is created on the basis of love and creativity. Steal Big, Steal Little is a wild and wonderful film about the soul-satisfying values of the heart.