The growing gap between the rich and the poor is not only a matter of money, it also includes the moral clout of power. This is vividly illustrated in The Innocent Sleep, a gripping tale of international conspiracy and murder.

Alan (Rupert Graves) is a recovering alcoholic who has lost his wife, family, and job. He lives in London's "Cardboard City." One night Alan witnesses a ritual execution by hanging of a well-dressed man. The next day, he learns that the incident is reported as a suicide. Alan's fear is really heightened when he discovers that one of the executioners is the Chief Inspector (Michael Gambon).

Through his best friend George (Graham Crowden), Alan gets in touch with journalist Billie Hayman (Annabella Sciorra). Together, they face staggering odds when they come up against the power of an international secret society which is linked with the Vatican and the Italian government.

Director Scott Michell does a fine job orchestrating this real life scary tale based on the Roberto Calvi Affair in 1982.