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Joyce Rupp in The Cosmic Dance My own small space of the planet
Devil in a Blue Dress A smooth and stylish mystery drama set in Los Angeles in 1948.
Mantra Meditation Thomas Ashley-Ferrand on tapping into your personal power.
The Game An unforgettable spiritual parable that invites every viewer to ask: What whack on the head would it take to wake me up and open my heart?
Living in the Lap of the Goddess Puts into focus their beliefs, practices, and motivations.
Closet Land A tightly structured drama set in a prison like chamber that plumbs the totalitarian mind.
Ira Progoff in Facing the Lion, Being the Lion Love involves reaching beneath the surface of persons
Nasty Habits A comic tale with a lively moral wallop about corruption in pious places.
Joan Chittister in Listen With The Heart We become what we do
The Name of the Rose A spiritual thriller that holds up thanks to its rich themes and great acting.