Waiting To Exhale offers a winning portrait of the sassy black sister solidarity of four Phoenix women who are unlucky in love.

Bernadine (Angela Bassett) is reeling from being dumped by her rich husband. Robin (Lela Rochon) is a stunning marketing executive who has a penchant for choosing the wrong men, whether a sexually inept businessman or a drug-using stud. Savannah (Whitney Houston) is a television producer whose mother is hounding her to respond to the declarations of love by an old boyfriend who says he's getting ready to leave his wife. Divorcee Gloria (Loretta Devine) who runs a beauty parlor finds a sympathetic neighbor (Gregory Hines) to help her deal with an empty nest.

This snappy comedy directed by Forest Whitaker is based on the best-selling novel by Terry McMillan. Hopefully its success will open the door to more movies about the challenges and struggles of black middle-class professionals at work and in love.