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Mona Lisa Smile Pays tribute to a bohemian teacher who tests her idealism in the conservative milieu of Wellesley College.
Sugarybaby Conveys the bittersweet nature of love.
Sophia Caitlin Matthews on the meaning of the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine.
Aliens Features Sigourney Weaver as a female Rambo with nurturing instincts.
A Sabbath Life Writes about midlife transformations and the spiritual practice of silence.
Independence Day Kathleen Quinlan's vim and vigor are at the heart of this romantic drama.
Wisecracks A commendable job presenting the growing clout of female stand-up comedians.
The Well A bittersweet Australian drama about the deep yearning of a lonely spinster for connection with another human being.
Private Benjamin A comic fairy tale with a delightful performance by Goldie Hawn.
Angie A rambunctious drama about a pregnant unmarried woman's journey of self-discovery.