In Bliss Joseph (Craig Sheffer) and Maria (Sheryl Lee) carry many doubts about themselves and their compatibility into marriage. Although financially set, they do not get along very well. During one of their sessions with a therapist, Maria admits that she's never had an orgasm. Later, Joseph learns that his wife has secretly been seeing Balthazar (Terence Stamp), a sex therapist.

After learning more about Maria's psychological problems, he decides to take advantage of this sophisticated man's expertise. "Most men fear a woman's sexual power," Balthazar tells him. In order to save his marriage, Joseph must set aside his old concepts of sex and enter the strange new world of tantric sexual healing. On the path to sexual bliss, orgasm is only the fourth step of nine.

Although many will go to see Bliss just for the explicit scenes of sexual intercourse, there is much more to it than that. Along their path to greater intimacy and some loving relations, Maria discovers the shocking source of her frigidity and Joseph is challenged to stay with her. Writer and director Lance Young has made a daring film that celebrates the courage of two individuals who make a commitment to stay the course in their marriage no matter what.