Exotica is the latest enigmatic and imaginative work by Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan. Here the lives of a small circle of individuals are closely intertwined. There is Francis, an auditor who is still grieving the death of his daughter; Thomas, the proprietor of a pet shop who is a smuggler; Zoe, the owner of a strip club; Christina, a dancer; and Eric, the DJ at the club who is Christina's possessive boyfriend.

Sissela Bok has written: "Through the study of secrecy, we encounter what human beings want above all to protect: the sacred, the intimate, the fragile, the dangerous and the forbidden." In this intriguing film, writer and director Egoyan challenges us to unravel the secrets that tie these characters together. It is easy to categorize individuals or to swiftly bring them to judgment. But as Exotica points out, the mystery of the human personality must be respected and even hallowed.