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Chloe An erotic drama about the fires of sexual desire in a female married doctor and a young hooker she hires for an unconventional job.
Adoration A compelling character-driven drama about family secrets, imagination, and the technological toys of modern society.
Ararat A thought-provoking cinematic work by Atom Egoyan about the stench of the Armenian genocide in the nostrils of some contemporary Armenians living in Toronto and processing its meanings through art and…
Felicia's Journey A strange but compelling tale about trust, pain, and the miraculous power of healing.
The Sweet Hereafter Explores the ways in which a tragedy enhances rather than diminishes a town's sense of community.
Exotica Demonstrates that the mystery of the human personality must be respected and even hallowed.
Calendar Calendar is an interesting portrait of an artist whose detachment from the world and his own experiences has dire consequences.