This light-hearted French comedy is written and directed by Coline Serreau (Three Men and a Cradle). Daniel Auteuil plays Romuald, the head of a dairy products company who has all the accoutrements of success — wealth, power, and a happy family. However, it all falls apart when some devious associates in the boardroom set him up for a fall. And to make matters worse, his wife is having an affair with one of his employees.

Juliette (Firmine Richard) is a heavy set West Indian cleaning lady at the company whose life seems a lesson in hardship. She lives in a low-income apartment with her five children. When she gives her boss insights into what has been going on in the office, he can't believe his ears. Romuald, vowing revenge against those who caused his downfall, moves in with Juliette while he plots his comeback strategy. Then, the most improbable thing of all happens — he falls in love with her.

Mama, There's a Man in Your Bed is a morality play about inward beauty and seeing with the heart. Although much of the film deals with corporate politics and money-grubbing, the real theme here is the love of a man for a woman whose goodness, independence, common sense, and generosity transform his view of what's important in life. Go with the flow of this comedy and you'll walk away with a smile on your face and a lilt in your step.