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A 12-year-old Little League pitcher decides to give up his "best thing" — baseball — until the U.S. and the Soviet Union get rid of their nuclear weapons. Chuck (Joshua Zuehlke) stands firm in his protest and is joined by amazing Grace (Alex English), a basketball superstar with the Boston Celtics. Soon other athletes and kids follow until the President of the United States (Gregory Peck) and the leader of the Soviet Union agree to nuclear disarmament.

The single-minded clarity of Chuck's vision unhinges his parents, befuddles the politicians, and draws out the ire of some of his peers. Yet he refuses to compromise or recant. Mike Newell, the director of .

Amazing Grace and Chuck, has commented: "I hope this film will leave audiences energized and with a great surge of hope. I hope it will be a reminder that the individual can make a difference and that humanity is capable of following its best instincts."