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Rudy A salute to a pint-sized football player with heart.
The Bear Gary Busey's colorful performance is worth seeing.
The Tao of Sports Eighty-one short meditations that relate Taoism's truths (balance, harmony, humility, etc.) to sports.
Tin Cup A delightful romantic comedy about golf that reveals that playing it safe can't hold a candle to taking risks and playing from the heart.
Amazing Grace and Chuck A hope-filled film portraying how humanity is capable of following its best instincts.
The Rookie A soulful tribute to the spiritual firepower of yearning and the way a community supports the dreams of one of its gifted members.
Super Bowl Sunday A spiritual way to look at the annual football extravaganza.
The Legend of Bagger Vance A mythological story about a depressed World War I veteran who finds his authentic self during a golf tournament, thanks to the help of the spiritual guide acting as his caddy.
Step Into Liquid A winning overview of surfing and the stoke that fuels the playfulness of wave-riders around the world.
The Replacements A group of so-called losers who get their moment in the sun during a professional football player's strike.