The Client is an engaging and lively screen translation of another legal drama by the bestselling author John Grisham. The life of an 11 year old, Mark Sway (Brad Renfro), is put in jeopardy when he hears the confession of a mob lawyer just before he commits suicide. The boy soon becomes an object of desire for the mob, the media, and a U.S. attorney (Tommy Lee Jones) with vaulted political ambitions. Sway miraculously puts himself in the hands of Reggie Love (Susan Sarandon), a family attorney who is a recovering alcoholic. Mark, who still remembers his father abusing his mother, finds a soul mate who has gone through hell and come out whole on the other side. This emotional link between these two characters is what puts The Client above other Grisham thrillers. Together Mark and Reggie fight inner demons, dangerous devils, and claw their way to a recovery that is deeply satisfactory to them both.