It all happens on the road to Madie Levrington (Dyan Cannon). She's just escaped from an insane asylum in the East where her wealthy husband (Quinn Redeker) sent her when he found out she wanted a divorce. Madie meets Charlie Callahan (Robert Blake), a trucker with big problems of his own: a nasty fellow who wants to repossess his vehicle and a wife would just as soon blow his head off as ever see him again. Madie needs Charlie to drive her across country to her home in California, and she comes up with a scheme that the independent trucker just can't resist. Along the way, a rough-and-tumble relationship develops into something akin to love. And, after learning self-reliance on the road, Madie finally gets her revenge on her husband.

Coast to Coast is a robust comedy offering plenty of very humorous scenes. One of the best is a romp & stomp 'em battle in a corral with a wild bull; another features a spectacular crash sequence. But Dyan Cannon is what gives this movie its élan and sparkle. Her throaty laugh, thick blonde head of hair, and perfect timing make her Hollywood's most winsome female comedia.