This film marks the directorial debut of Pulitzer Prize-winner David Mamet. Asked recently about his interest in criminals, he stated: "Basically, we’re telling stories about ourselves. And to me, the culture seems to be evolving into criminality." House of Games is a psychological thriller which serves up some provocative observations about sexual politics, trust and betrayal, and the rise of white collar crime in a world that keeps getting more and more amoral. Lindsay Crouse gives a tour de force performance as Margaret, a repressed psychiatrist and bestselling author. Trying to help a client with a gambling addiction, she visits a house of games where she falls prey to an elaborate con game orchestrated by Mike (Joe Mantegna) and his cohorts. In her search for adventure, Margaret nearly loses everything. Anyone who his ever had a fantasy about taking a walk on the wild side will connect with House of Games. Unfortunately Mamet is right — criminality is more widespread, making this superb film a cultural document as well as a thriller.