This film reunites actor Sylvester Stallone with director John Avildsen in this salutary film about the "home team," male mentoring, and parenting. Rocky Balboa returns from Russia to learn that his fortune has been gambled away by a crooked accountant. He also finds out that his boxing career is ended due to irreversible brain damage. Rocky moves back to South Philadelphia with Adrian (Talia Shire) and his young son Rocky Jr. (Sage Stallone). Tommy Gunn (Tommy Morrison), a hungry fighter, asks Rocky to train him and suddenly the former champ has a new lease on life. However, caught up in the excitement of creating a new champion, Rocky cuts himself off from his son who desperately needs his attention and love. Some crucial choices about what matters in life must be made, and they have nothing to do with money or might. Rocky V goes the distance as a parable about what it really means to have heart.