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12 Shadow To recognize our wholeness, we are encouraged to make peace with all the dark parts of ourselves that we would rather keep secret. Our flaws can be our greatest teachers.
12 Silence Shhhhhh — come into the silence. Find some refuge from the noise of the world (or your own mind) in this gallery of stillness and quiet.
12 Teachers Have you reached that point in life when you realize that everything you encounter and everyone you meet is a potential teacher? See all of life as a spiritual classroom.
12 Transformation There is an inherent human quest for transformation. We seek wholeness for ourselves so that we can then be agents of change to help heal the world.
12 Unity The yearning for human unity is a universal one. But it requires practice to see the unity in all things. These illustrated quotes show you where to look.
12 Vision Insights, outlooks, perceptions and revelations — all part of the practice of vision. They help us to identify, reframe, and recognize the world around us and our place…
12 Winter Images and quotes on the meanings and messages of the season.
12 Wonder Wonder begins in the senses, comes alive in the imagination, and flourishes in adoration of the Divine, and there is no end to the things that can awaken it.
12 X-The Mystery The world is drenched in mystery, and one way we explore it in the U.S. is through Halloween. Let these 12 quotes help you discover new ways to relate to mystery.
12 Yearning There is within all of us a great yearning for connection. And what's really at the heart of our yearning is a connection to God, the Heart of the Universe.