Photo Galleries

Human Gallery of pictures from this stunning movie.
Buddha Selected images of Buddhas throughout Asia from the book Buddha
Relationships A collection of sayings about living and being together.
Body Memes A collection of inspiration about our wondrous bodies.
A Gallery of Contemplative Photographs Select photos from The Practice of Contemplative Photography to meditate on.
Sculptures by Frederick Franck A tour of Franck's artwork on the property of Pacem in Terris in upstate New York.
12 Animals A trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa inspired this 12s on animals. Let this gallery guide you to a deeper appreciation for all the beings who share the Earth.
12 Attention It's so easy to get lost in our daily routines and miss the wonder, beauty, and miracles that are all around. Paying attention brings all this and more back into focus.
12 Beauty Try the spiritual practice of beauty when you need to be pulled out of your habitual way of seeing and being. This gallery is a good place to begin.
12 Being Present The world's religions all recommend living in the moment with full awareness. Be here now, they say, because this moment is all there is and it will never come again.