• Infusing Your Life with Creativity
    Reclaim creative expression as a natural way of being in this 12-session e-course by leaders from Sage-ing International. This course provides creative opportunities that inspire a sacred shift, moving the ordinary to the extraordinary, one moment at a time.
  • Photography as a Spiritual Path
    Explore contemplative photography with Jan Phillips, an award-winning author, visionary thought leader, dynamic workshop facilitator, and Executive Director of the Livingkindness Foundation. This 12-session e-course includes essays and exercises to help you make the finding and taking of pictures part of your contemplative practice and your activist activities.
  • Pop Music Spirituality
    Experience the connection between different forms of contemporary popular music and forms of spirituality. This 16-session e-course explores touches of transcendence in popular music.
  • Practicing Spirituality through Creativity
    Join those who want to discover and express their creativity through spiritual practices. In this 40-session e-course, you will receive spiritual insights from Thomas Moore, Matthew Fox, Frederick Franck, Julia Cameron, Sister Wendy Beckett, M.C. Richards, Jan Phillips, Dorita Kent, and many others, as well as practices to give your inner artist room to play.
  • Seven Keys to an Innovative Life
    Join transformational leaders Norman and Jane Wolfe in mining a multitude of fields, such as leadership, motivation, psychology, science, and spirituality. This 12-session e-course offers reflections and practices for improv, storytelling, integrating opposites, and other tools to live a more flexible life.
  • Spiritual Gifts from the Imaginal Realm
    Explore the gifts of the imaginal realm – gifts that can help us adopt a larger perspective and make a difference today using the cosmic assistance available to us all. This Lenten program on the lost art of imaginal exchange – i.e., the giving and receiving of spiritual nurturance – includes reflections, spiritual practices, a practice circle, and two question and answer sessions with renowned teacher Cynthia Bourgeault.