• Abandon: Pico Iyer's marvelously inventive novel about the spiritual transformation of an Englishman studying Sufism who falls in love and opens up to the bounties of mystery and surrender.
  • The Soul of Rumi: Coleman Barks serves up a rich and robust collection of ecstatic poetry by Rumi calling us to the unavoidable inner work that is the essence of our life on earth.
  • Living with the Devil: Stephen Batchelor makes the spiritual practice of mystery an essential survival tool for our times.
  • Beyond the Darkness: Shirley du Boulay's biography of Bede Griffiths accentuates his emphasis upon mystery as a spiritual path.
  • Still Here: Ram Dass explores the mysteries of conscious aging, healing, and his brush with death when he had a stroke.
  • These Are the Words: Arthur Green finds within the vocabulary of Judaism a deep respect for the mystery and unknowability of God.
  • Evelyn Underhill: Biographer Dana Greene reveals Evelyn Underhill's special interest in mysticism and the potencies of everyday spirituality.
  • Mariette in Ecstasy: Ron Hansen's novel examines how intense spirituality and mystery can be a threat to institutions.
  • Second Nature: Alice Hoffman's adult fairy tale deals with mystery, passion, and the wild.
  • Power: Linda Hogan's novel honors mystery as a sacred force in the lives of Native Americans.
  • She Who Is: Elizabeth A. Johnson, writing from the perspective of many women's experiences, reconceptualizes God as holy mystery.
  • Balancing Heaven and Earth: Robert A. Johnson relates his encounters with "the Golden World" that have left him with a high regard for ecstatic and mysterious experiences.
  • 9-11: Eugene Kennedy ponders the sacramental mystery of the tragedy of 9-11.
  • This Great Unknowing: Denise Levertov's poems demonstrate a fondness for the mystery of all things.
  • The Zen of Creativity: John Daido Loori shares spiritual practices and helpful exercises to draw out the mysterious force of creativity within us all.
  • Riding with the Lion: Kyriacos C. Markides explores the meaning of mystery in Eastern Orthodox spirituality.
  • The Book of Mystical Chapters: John Anthony McGuckin brings to life 300 radiant and Spirit-filled quotations about mysticism that will stir your soul.
  • House of Shattering Light: Joseph Rael's spiritual memoir reveals the importance of vision and salutes mystery as a way of life.
  • The Force of Spirit: Scott Russell Sanders enchants with a series of deft insights and poetic observations on the abundant mysteries of life.
  • Mystical Christianity: John A. Sanford offers an intriguing and enlightening interpretation of the fourth gospel.
  • Gabriel's Palace: Howard Schwartz presents a dramatic and exciting look at Jewish mystical writing.


Mariette in Ecstasy by Ron Hansen tells the riveting story of a young nun whose stigmata brings disorder and doubt to her convent community in upstate New York in 1906. This brief novel sheds light on the difficulty some religious communities have living with the awesome burdens of mystery and the presence of individuals exhibiting ardent spirituality.

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