Here is a list of the many spiritual teachers quoted on this episode of Spiritual Literacy. Listed are the author, the title of the reading, the original source of the reading, and the page in Spiritual Literacy (SL) or another book where you will find it.

  • Laurens van der Post: The Beautiful Rhinoceros from A Walk with a White Bushman, p. 199, SL
  • Various Voices: B is for Beauty
  • Kenneth S. Leong: Kiting as Dynamic Meditation from The Zen Teachings of Jesus, p. 250, SL
  • Robert Farrar Capon: In Praise of Stones from The Romance of the Word, p. 149, SL
  • Mary Hayes-Grieco: God in Onions from The Kitchen Mystic, p. 224, SL
    Andrew Rooney: Loving the Station Wagon from Not That You Asked . . . p. 532, SL
  • Frederick Buechner: Gorgeous Traffic from The Clown in the Belfry, p. 529, SL
  • Anthony de Mello: The Loveliness of an Ant from Taking Flight, p. 190, SL
  • Alan Epstein: In the Flower Garden from How to Have More Love in Your Life, p. 161, SL
  • Gunilla Norris: Wildflower Saints from Journeying in Place, p. 133, SL
  • Macrina Wiederkehr: The Fountain and the Footstool from A Tree Full of Angels, p. 328, SL
  • Adriana Diaz: Falling in Love with Things from Freeing the Creative Spirit, p. 290, SL
  • M. C. Richards: The Beauty that Remains from Centering, p. 276, SL
  • Octavio Paz: A Handmade Thing from In Praise of Hands, p. 49, SL
  • Mary Oliver: Blinking in the Sunlight from Blue Pastures, p. 74, SL
  • Socrates: Beauty in the Inward Soul
  • Macrina Wiederkehr: Waiting for Beauty from The Song of the Seed, p. 257, SL