Opening Words:

"Follow the grain in your own wood."
— Howard Thurman quoted in To Love and Be Loved by Sam Keen



Poet and philosopher John Skoyles in Generous Strangers and Other Moments from My Life finds examples of the sacred in his everyday experiences — such as this encounter with a woman in a hospital:

"At one point, she asked, 'Do you have a theme song?'

" 'A theme song?' I asked.

" 'A song that followed you or that someone gave to you. Did you give your son a song when he was born?'

"I hadn't, but I told her that the radio was playing in the hospital room when Harry was born, and I recalled that as he was being delivered, Shirley Bassey was singing 'Goldfinger' from the James Bond movie.

" 'When I was born,' she said, 'my father said my theme song would be "You'll Never Walk Alone." Do you know that one?'

" 'Yes, that's a good one.'

" 'It is,' she said, 'but that's just what I've gone and done.'

"And I guess she had. I had never met anyone like her."

For Reflection/Journaling:

What is your theme song? How does it resonate with your soul?

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Closing Words:
"O God, help me to believe the truth about myself no matter how beautiful it is!"
— Macrina Wiederkehr quoted in A Grateful Heart edited by M. J. Ryan

To Practice This Thought: Identify one beautiful truth about yourself.