During a day of prayer that included attending to the body with reverence, I led the participants through a meditation on the heart. We placed our hands over our hearts, feeling them beating. We found our pulse in various places in our bodies, feeling the blood pumping through our systems. As we placed our hands gently on our bodies we gave thanks for the wonder of our hearts and the life that our blood carried throughout our bodies. We imagined the blood reaching the tips of our fingers and we gave thanks. We imagined the blood circulating through our brains and we gave thanks. We attended to the heart beating and pulsing on its own with no direction or control from us, and we gave thanks. The mystery of our bodies became a wonder to us and we thanked God for our embodiment and our lives.

Jane Vennard in Praying with Body and Soul by Jane Vennard


To Practice This Thought:
Follow the steps of this meditation. Notice how the embodied discoveries — for instance, of your pulse throughout your body, even reaching your fingertips — open the door of wonder.


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