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A Q & A Session with Patricia Monaghan The author answers questions about her book Meditation: The Complete Guide.
Part of meditation is to eliminate totally all conflict Part of meditation is to eliminate totally all conflict
Meditation is destruction Meditation is destruction
True Refuge Tara Brach on the importance of always remembering the greatest thing.
Natural Radiance A combination book and CD with Tibetan meditation practices.
Inviting Silence Challenges us to make a place for this spiritual practice in our daily lives.
Merton's Palace of Nowhere A well-done overview of this Trappist monk's understanding of the false self and the true calling of each one of us to be a loyal son or daughter of God.
The Way of Flame Presents another side of Judaism; its meditation and contemplation practices.
Grace in Action Pieces by Rohr and members of the Center for Action and Contemplation that bespeak the necessity of melding contemplation and action in Christian faith.
Touching Peace Delves into the many benefits of mindful breathing and awareness.