I remember an embarrassing incident that brought to mind that the "enemy" is my brother. I was driving home on the freeway and as I approached my exit a car dawdled in front of me. Too late to pass him; I was stuck following: as usual I was in a hurry. That driver inspired in me a whole slew of invectives. Spewing epithets I pulled up alongside at the stoplight by the exit. I looked over only to discover a dear friend. Instantly the situation changed ... It is the same with the other no matter the situation, from the person ahead of us in line, to our age-old enemy. Whoever it is, they have the same concerns, fears, gifts, and shortcomings we all do.

Richard W. Chilson in Yeshua of Nazareth by Richard W. Chilson


To Practice This Thought:
Whenever you get irritated by others' behavior, stop and consider if you would feel the same if they were your dear friends. Try to identify what you have in common with them.


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