What would Buddha do about a competitive co-worker?

Only when faced with the activity of enemies can you learn real inner strength. From this viewpoint, even enemies are teachers of inner strength, courage, and determination.
— The Dalai Lama

Even if you are a person who feels friendly with everyone, you still face competition everyday. In a sense, your competitors are your enemies. But in a larger sense, your enemies are your teachers, as the Dalai Lama says.

We love our friends and they wish us well, but they don't often test us or push our boundaries as persons. It is precisely those people who do not wish us well that force us to summon up our strength, courage and determination. In this way they become our teachers, worthy of profound gratitude.

When faced with enemies, remember they are offering you a gift your loved ones seldom match. Summon your reserves and honor their gift by defeating them with grace.

Franz Metcalf in What Would Buddha Do?