My cup speaks to me about boundaries. If the cup did not have the boundaries of sides and a bottom it could not hold anything in it. The cup has an opening — it is able to give and receive — but the boundaries keep what it contains from being spilled everywhere. Likewise, we must have boundaries around the time we need to connect with our deeper selves. Otherwise, all sorts of situations, interferences, interruptions, and schedule pressure will cause this time to fall apart and be in great disarray. Everyone else cannot always come first. We need to value ourselves enough to spread our spiritual wings and receive God's energy. Even Jesus put himself first at those times when he prayed alone or went apart from his ministry so that he could renew his inner resources. . . .

Take some time today to think about your spiritual boundaries. Are there any areas that need some attention?

Hold your cup in your hands.
Touch the sides and the bottom of the cup.
Trace the outside of the cup with your fingers.
Run your fingers around the inside of the cup.
Close your eyes and imagine your spiritual boundaries.
Let yourself lean on God for awhile.
Ask for whatever boundaries are needed in your spiritual life.
Listen to God speak to you about these boundaries.

Joyce Rupp in The Cup of Our Life