When you are feeling troubled, it always helps to go down to the water. Water is a source of life and quite often holds the answers you seek. You can build a bridge over troubled waters and move on with your life, or you can let the waters wash away your troubles.

I love the beach and feeling of nearness to creation that it brings me. Go down to the beach at low tide and write your worries in the sand. After you have written every one down, sit quietly and visualize all the things on the list until the tide starts to come in. When it does, it will erase your worries one by one. Let them go as each one is washed away by the sea. If one resurfaces later, or you can't get down to the ocean, just picture the waves washing away your troubles with the tide.

You can cleanse your mind, body, and life in this way. Just as the tide never stops coming and going, you have the ability to continue to cleanse and heal. Let the water wash all your cares away.

Solution of the Day: Visit the beach in person or in your mind as often as you need until the ebb and flow of the tide cleanses your spirit.

Bernie S. Siegel in 365 Prescriptions for the Soul