Get body work done. This could mean a massage, a facial, or any other type of gentle ministration. The particular type doesn't matter. What does is the awareness you bring to your own physical being, the attention you provide your body as someone administers to you.

You can do yoga, which involves stretching deeply and breathing deeply, or make a special trip to a spa and partake in any number of alternatives. You can immerse yourself in a mud bath, allow yourself to be placed in a samadhi tank or box that will warm you, or get into a hot tub, Jacuzzi, sauna, or steam room. Any of these will alter your body's environment enough to make you aware of how you feel. And usually, after any of these treatments — or all of them, for that matter — you'll feel better.

Let go of all your cares, worries, frustrations, and anxieties, as you feel the strong and knowing hands work over your muscles and tender spots. Let your body worker know just the way you like your massage. If you want him or her to work deeply, mention this. If there are particular places in your body where you hold stress, like your neck, shoulders, back, or abdomen, have your masseuse or masseur concentrate on those areas. The time on the massage table is your time. Make the most of it.

Breathe deeply as you feel someone else's fingers, hands, or elbows work through your tight spots. Let go of control. Feel the tension flee from your limbs and torso as the gentle pressure performs its magic. To really get the full benefit of the body work, make sure your massage lasts at least an hour. If you can manage ninety minutes, you'll really notice the difference.

When your session is complete, lie on the table in silence for a few minutes. Notice the way your body feels without the tension, the accumulated stress of your daily life. Then get up slowly, dress, thank yourself for this wonderful indulgence, and continue with the day.

Alan Epstein in How to Have More Love in Your Life