Let's say you have a particularly hard week coming up, a week overfilled with difficult and demanding challenges. You get tired just thinking about it. This is the time to plan ahead for a luxurious time of solitude for yourself.

To balance your life, when you are finished with living on other people's time, you need to plan a time of your own, a time of solitude and peace.

Planning ahead brings a unique benefit: As you plan and contemplate your time alone, you bring some of that energy to the present moment and thus feel a bit more relaxed right now.

As you go about meeting the challenges of the week — in the middle of a tense meeting, at a consultation with the doctor, while negotiating a difficult contract, while traveling to a confrontational encounter — you can remember that soon you will leave all this behind.

Later, when you have basked in your time of solitude, you will be more capable of again being with people and facing a demanding week in a more fulfilling way.

After solitude, your presence in society will be more authentic.

David Kundtz in Quiet Mind