We are all a circle.

Our dreams and prayers are at their core.

The same dreams and prayers

Our circle will lead out into the world,

And spread harmony over all the earth.

To remind us of this circle,

We envision one knot.

This knot will bind us together

In higher circles,

Each of us responsible for

One other person's prayer,

Responsible for other persons' prayers,

And the prayer that our circle represents.

We offer our knots up to the Great Spirit.

We are now separate,

And we are now joined.

May our prayers be as one.

May our unique spirits thrive

Independently and together. Ho!


Lynn V. Andrews is an author and the founder of the Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training (www.lynnandrews.com).


• If you pray as a family or a group, create a sacred circle. Joining hands, read the prayer out loud to stimulate the special energy of the circle.

• Create a mandala, with your loved ones at the center.Working outward, add more people (and animals) to your circle of concern,

• Working outward, add more people (and animals) to your circle of concern.

• If you are praying alone, visualize those you wish to pray with, living and passed, and join hands with them in your imagination.

• Create a prayer chain by e-mail with friends around the country (or world) and say this prayer at a specific agreed-upon time each week to create a 'prayer vibe.'

Frances Sheridan Goulart, Lynn V. Andrews in God Has No Religion: Blending Traditions for Prayer by Frances Sheridan Goulart