Celebrate the ordinary. See the specialness in the little things that would normally go by unnoticed, the way the light from the summer sun strikes the window of a tall building downtown, setting off a reflection that turns the whole street into an orange glow. Maybe you can take special note of your kids today. I love it when my two-year-old wants a lot of something and says, "Whole bag, whole bag."

There is an infinite number of moments like this everyday, and if you want to have more love in your life, a sure way to help make it happen is to notice as many of these moments as you can. When you wake up today, look over at your husband and see how his ear peeks out from the covers even though his entire body seems to be buried in the bed.

At work, take note of the way the person who delivers your interoffice mail nods swiftly and decisively as you thank him for his efficiency, or of the pictures the man in the deli draws on your bag. On your way home, notice how your dry cleaner counts out your change from the twenty-dollar bill you gave her, patiently identifying every nickel and dime until all the money that's coming to you is in your hand.

You don't have to make a big deal about moments like these, you only have to observe them, to honor them with your momentary attention, to give thanks or say a one-second prayer of gratefulness that life is offering you the opportunity to experience and enjoy these tidbits. All you have to do in return is have the humility to acknowledge the gift.

The only difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is your perception. If you find yourself constantly disappointed by life, in a perpetual state of irritation and frustration, if people and situations don't measure up to your standards, start looking at life one moment at a time. See the value, the beauty, and the love that exist whenever you stop what you are doing and tell yourself that each moment is a hologram — that all you ever need to know about love, all the love that exists and will ever exist, is present right here and right now.

Alan Epstein in How to Have More Love in Your Life