For God alone my soul waits in silence.
[God] alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress;
I shall never be shaken.
— Psalm 62: 1a, 2

Rock and Refuge, Stronghold of Souls, Unshakeable One,
infuse your strength into the places where I feel the greatest weakness.
Permeate the parts of my life that continually challenge my patience.
Increase an ability to accept those who seem to be most unacceptable.
Lessen any tendency in my spirit that gives way to a loss of hope.
Reinforce an awareness of the daily manifestations of your presence.
Boost my spirit when I think I cannot manage what is mine to be and do.

Provider of Purpose, Firm Foundation, Enduring Love,
support my determination to give the best of my self to others.
Fortify the forgiveness you have placed and nurtured in my heart.
Sustain a solid belief that I can get through what appears insurmountable.
Bolster my efforts to be a person who reaches out to those who suffer.
Foster greater trust in you when worries and anxieties attempt to prevail.
Impart the courage I need to change what appears to be unchangeable.

In you I find sufficient strength, abounding love, and secure serenity.

Joyce Rupp in Prayer Seeds