The first miracle performed by Jesus in John's gospel was at a wedding party in the village of Cana. At the height of the merrymaking there was a disaster: They ran out of wine. The Teacher, being informed of their plight, took large jars of water present for purification rituals at meals and changed them into gallons and gallons of wine. That wonder generated a second one as the gloom at the wedding was miraculously changed into intoxicating joy. The miracle-working Teacher promised us, his disciple-friends, that we would perform even greater wonders than he. So experiment with making miracles like his at Cana. Change a bland dinner into a festive occasion by infusing it with pleasure and enjoyment. Whenever a job, a social gathering, or a personal encounter seems as common and plain as water, be a wonderworker and change it into the wine of festivity by your good humor and love.

Remind me that, even lacking mystical powers,
I can still perform miracles if my desire is great,
if I have a healthy forgetfulness of myself
and a hefty appetite to make others happy.

Edward Hays in A Book of Wonders