The Koran says that God is closer than the vein in your neck. What a beautiful invitation to pray. In fact, it suggests a new way to pray: Begin by placing your first and second fingers on your throat's jugular vein. Linger there as you feel the vigorous throbbing of life within you. Praying with your fingers on your jugular vein can be a sensual affirmation that God is not distant or remote but is pulsating within you. I personally have found this prayer gesture to be extraordinarily affirming of my core spiritual and intellectual belief, and so I present this practice for your consideration.

God is life. What better way to be mindful of the nearness of the Presence than to actually feel it vibrating on your fingertips? To gain the attention of God, your intimate Beloved, does not require bellowing prayers, clanging bells or thunderous pipe organ preludes, A silent sensual touch can profoundly awaken you to God's perpetual attention to you and your needs.

Besides being an excellent preface to any prayer, this tactile throat prayer gesture is useful whenever you are in need of God's presence. Use your Jugular Prayer whenever you find yourself sinking deeper and deeper in the quicksand of an argument or trapped in a no-win discussion — or in any difficult encounter.

Edward Hays in Prayer Notes to a Friend