Describing himself as a fountain of living water, he [Jesus] said that those who drank of his water would never be thirsty again. He went on to say that those who quenched their thirst with his living water would themselves become fountains bubbling up with endless life….

To be an overflowing fountain requires daily digging deeper into your inner well of spirit. Prayer is the shovel – use it.

Jesus again referred to himself as life-giving water when he said that if anyone believed in him “rivers of living water” would flow out of that person….

Today, be a river of spirit water bringing freshness, life and delight to all with whom you come in contact. Let your soul gurgle outward freely to irrigate those made barren by a drought of hope, causing them to come alive. From your surplus soul water, by your unguarded openness, invite the dour and dry to eagerly fill their empty canteens with your soul's elixir of joy.

As a fountain follower, your major work this day is to be refreshing, revitalizing water.

Edward Hays in Prayer Notes to a Friend