Perhaps your days seem to rush by, leaving no time for prayer. Or perhaps they stretch out like an eternity? Perhaps you feel that God hasn't had any part in the day's events. We very easily lose all sight of God's presence as we live our daily lives, but he never loses sight of us. Take a few minutes at the end of the day just to reflect on what has been happening, and reconnect your daily life with your life in God. Try to make this kind of prayer part of your daily routine.

Begin by asking God to show you how he has been present and active in the events of the day, and to shed his light on your own memories and feelings about what has been happening.

Let the day's events replay, like a video in fast forward, and just notice anything that particularly catches your attention. Stay with that memory, as if you were 'pausing' the video to look more closely at that part.

Look back over anything you feel grateful for. Just relive it in your memory. Express your thanks to God for it in your own words, or without words. Maybe there was a meeting with someone, or a letter, or a friendly gesture? Did something make you laugh, or move you to tears? Has a problem been solved, or did you notice something in God's creation that made you feel joy?

Remember those who deserve your gratitude for the blessings the day has brought. Those who provided the food you ate, or the essential services. Those who did something for you that they didn't need to do. Remember something in the day that you yourself can be proud of. (We often find this difficult.)

Just reflect over these things quietly. What has drawn you closer to God today? What have you learned about God and his Kingdom today? What happened to make you feel loved? Were you able to give a sign of love to another person?

Was there any time or situation during the day when you feel that your 'inner compass' was running true? Remember that experience and store it as a reference point for your onward journey.

Was there any situation in which you feel you were being untrue to yourself? Does this experience make you want to change anything in your course for the way ahead?

Are there any dark patches during the day? Is there something that you now wish you had handled differently? Is there some hurt that you are still carrying, caused by someone else? If so, simply express your feelings to God, as a child might talk to a loving parent. You may feel that the day has been unspeakably awful, and it's OK to tell God about those feelings.

Maybe something has left you feeling inadequate or fearful or resentful? Be still with these feelings for a while, and notice, if you can, where they may have their roots. Like the brambles in our unmade garden, the roots of unease in our living are often a long way from the place where these feelings show themselves in the outer surface of our lives. You might feel drawn to ask God to show you the deeper reasons for any negative feelings or reactions during the day, and for guidance on how you might open these roots up to his healing and enlightenment.

End your prayer by asking for God's continuing blessing upon tomorrow's living, as you let yourself sink into his loving care for you.

Margaret Silf in Wayfaring