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Margaret Silf A profile with bibliography and distinctive contribution to spirituality of Margaret Silf, popular retreat leader, columnist in America: The National Catholic Review, and prolific writer of spiritual …
Free to Choose A prayer to move forward free of the pictures and thoughts of the past.
Reviewing the Day Margaret Silf on reviewing your day with God.
Ignatian Spirituality for Everyday Life A journey of exploration into this practical approach to Christian spirituality.
Compass Points A reflection on whether God is more like a GPS device or a compass.
Compass Points A fine primer on everyday spirituality.
Sacred in the City A splendid paean to the diverse movements of the Divine in the pulse and activities of the city.
Sacred in the City Margaret Silf on natural altruism and those who work for the service of others
Wise Choices Advice from Margaret Silf about overreacting to life's irritations.
Roots and Wings Margaret Silf on taking time to reflect and absorb the living presence in wood, trees, and forests.