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Margaret Silf A profile with bibliography and distinctive contribution to spirituality of Margaret Silf, popular retreat leader, columnist in America: The National Catholic Review, and prolific writer of spiritual …
Sunrise and Sunset Encouragement to begin and end the day connecting to others, to God and to the natural world.
Free to Choose A prayer to move forward free of the pictures and thoughts of the past.
Reviewing the Day Margaret Silf on reviewing your day with God.
Ignatian Spirituality for Everyday Life A journey of exploration into this practical approach to Christian spirituality.
Compass Points A reflection on whether God is more like a GPS device or a compass.
Compass Points A fine primer on everyday spirituality.
Sacred in the City Margaret Silf on natural altruism and those who work for the service of others
Sacred in the City A splendid paean to the diverse movements of the Divine in the pulse and activities of the city.
Wise Choices Advice from Margaret Silf about overreacting to life's irritations.