There have been moments when you could not, would not hold back; moments when every part of you was alive with the delicious scent of life. Always this passionate embrace awaits you — and it is not always found in the arms of another. It often comes when you forget yourself and become absorbed in the moment. True passion is found when you choose fully to be where you are.

The Ritual: Light a candle as a reminder of your passion. When you gaze into the flame, bring to mind your deepest pleasures. Be mindful of the feelings and images that arise. Release the ones that no longer serve you, and let yourself go. Let every release he filled again — with passion.

Your passion can take many forms, such as the love of knowledge and learning, the passion for teaching, or the thrill of adventure.

If your passion involves nature, it is helpful to use this candle within the sound of running water. If you are not around water, find a place where you can hear other sounds of nature, like the wind whistling through the trees or the music of birdsong.

If your passion takes place indoors, go to the place where you feel it most, such as your library or bedroom.

Place your candle where you can gaze comfortably into the flame, and say these words (or others of your own choosing).


I am awakened in my passion
For the sanctity of life
And the beauty of creation
For what I learn and share
For those who join with me
I embrace it all
In the infinite pleasure
I am filled — with passion

Michael Davis in Rituals