This simple exercise helps to plant forgiveness seeds in your subconscious mind that begin to grow over time, even while you are unaware of it. You can do it while practicing the relaxation exercise when you are in the 'inner sanctuary' or on its own if you feel even a little relaxed. This is another guided-imagery exercise, so you might want to record it first or have someone else read it out loud to you. Before you start, close your eyes and take three slow, deep breaths. Do each step slowly.

  • Picture a tiny forgiveness seed being planted in rich, fertile soil.
  • Notice some nurturing fertilizer being placed around the tiny forgiveness seed.
  • Notice some water being sprinkled around the forgiveness seed in order to further nurture this tiny little life.
  • Visualize the warmth and light of the sun shining down upon the seed and the soil surrounding it, warming and nurturing the little forgiveness seed.
  • Picture the right amount of rain falling upon the soil, giving the earth the right amount of moisture to further the forgiveness seed's growth.
  • See a gardener plucking out any weeds surrounding the forgiveness seed as it slowly begins to grow.
  • Imagine the weeds being released from the soil, freeing the forgiveness seed to grow fuller and stronger.
  • Picture the sun, rain, and soil nurturing the forgiveness seed day after day as it sprouts, grows, and blossoms.
  • Visualize the forgiveness seed growing into a magnificent and beautiful plant or flower.
  • Picture the magnificent and beautiful plant or flower radiating healing energy to everyone and everything that encounters it.
  • Take three slow, deep breaths and then open your eyes.

Now write down your experiences in your journal.

Philip H. Friedman in The Forgiveness Solution