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That getting-something-for-nothing thrill That getting-something-for-nothing thrill
Exercise: Imagery of Seeds and Weeds Philip H. Friedman's imagery exercise, designed to spur the growth of forgiveness.
Learning the Language of the Fields Daniel Deffenbaugh on gardening as a spiritual teacher.
In a Zen Garden Beautifully illustrated book of advice that salutes the beauty, simplicity, and elegance of the Zen garden.
Grass Roots Gardening Donna Schaper on learning to be a gleaner for ourselves and others.
Ghosts in the Garden On having a restorative spiritual retreat in a garden.
Growing God Kerry Walters on joy attracting more joy.
Inner Gardening Shows how taking care of growing things is a nurturing process that involves inner and outer caretaking.
The Soul Is Here for Its Own Joy Kabir's poem on beauty.
Soul Gardening Terry Hersey on cultivating a good life through gardening the soul.