1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.

2. Imagine that there is a garden in your heart. This is your special place. No one else need come here unless you invite them. Notice whether you have a boundary around your heart of not. If you have nothing separating your heart from the outside world, imagine that you could build one if it feels right. It may be a circle of trees; it may be a hedge row or a stone wall, whatever you desire and feels right for you.

3. Invite in your higher self, your inner family (mother, father, or child). Notice these relationships and notice their familiarity with one another. Now invite in your allies, notice that some might be animals or spirits.

4. Invite in the two or more parts of yourself that are in conflict. Just be with them. Then listen to the dispute. Hear all each has to say.

5. When you are ready, ask for a solution to the conflict to be presented. Be with what is. It may come from a surprising source.

6. When the solution is agreed upon or everyone shifts into alignment, thank everyone for coming and let them go. Be with yourself and your inner family knowing you can come back any time you wish.

7. If you had no resolution, your image went blank or black, or you could not maintain your concentration, you may need some support in completing this exercise. Ask someone you trust to assist you in going into your heart. You may need to find a counselor, therapist, hypnotist, or healer to help you. Also try surrounding yourself with gold light before you begin. Take the time you need in each step and do not rush the process.

Robin Hereens Lysne in Sacred Living