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Cultivating Equanimity Phrases to use to create a balance between compassion and equanimity.
An Ideal Curriculum A guided imagery practice to facilitate spiritual growth by imagining your death.
The Gifts of Good Friday: Compassion and Mercy Two ways to understand the power and the significance of Jesus' suffering on the cross.
Tonglen for Activists Seeking Solidarity in Isolation A breathing practice that embodies compassion.
Crying Out to the Holy One A personal ritual for those dark times when you feel separate from God.
Joy An affirmation and meditational prayer on the spiritual practice of joy.
Lord of the Dance A prayerful intention to follow and be led by the Lord.
Let Peace Flow A supplication to be an overflowing vessel of peace for the world.
Meditation on Peace A sincere desire to recognize our common humanity and to give everyone the honor that is due them.
Circle of Compassion Simple meditations to help integrate caring for the self with caring for others.