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Ancestral Earth A meditation for seeing stardust and the earth as your ancestor.
Pilgrimage of the Imagination A meditation for imagining a pilgrimage to the saint of your choosing.
Calling the Four Archangels A bedtime meditation for calling upon the archangels and the sacred feminine.
Connecting to a Guardian Angel A meditation for resting in a visual or felt sense of your guardian angel and the arms of the Beloved.
Making Room for Your Own Grief A meditation and breath prayer for something you are grieving right now.
Lectio Divina with Myth or Folktale Excerpt A meditation prayer for a myth, fairy tale, folktale, or other story from the culture of an ancestor.
Mantras for Learning What Makes You Bloom Short statements to be used in meditation about discovering what truly nourishes you.
Enough Mantras for giving yourself the rest you need.
Dope Friendships Mantras for giving your time and energy to relationships and causes that authentically nourish you.
Nesting Meditation A mindfulness practice to foster true, genuine, deep gentleness with yourself and others.