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Following Bad Deeds with Good Ones Jeffrey Hopkins' four steps to transforming our mistakes.
Radiating Help A meditation and daily intention to be of benefit to others.
Extending Equanimity to Nightmare Monsters Contemplations that will extend your sense of even-mindedness.
Appreciating the Nexus of Provisions Others Provide A reflection to overcome a false sense of independence.
Relaxing Your Heart Guidance for tapping into your inner ocean of love.
Wrapping the World in Love A meditation for love in the world.
Peace of God A prayer meditation by Howard Thurman before his sermon Concerning Peace: Prayer and Pressure.
Your Goodness A meditation on rejoicing in your own goodness.
Thought Transformation A meditation on Thousand-Arm Chenrezig and The Eight Verses of Thought Transformation.
What Is Truth? A body prayer and chant to let go of illusion and open to truth.