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Loving-Kindness: The Meditation A meditation to awaken and extend loving-kindness.
I Have Arrived A walking meditation for peace and joy in the here and now.
When I Am Angry A short meditation for dealing with our anger.
When I Feel Criticized or Snubbed A short meditation for cultivating self-compassion in the face of rejection or criticism.
When I Feel Critical of Myself A short meditation to restore a sense of our own goodness.
Compassion for the Critical Self A meditation for transforming self-criticism to self-compassion.
Well-Being A meditation for offering wishes for your own well-being.
Accepting Ourselves A guided meditation for unconditional acceptance and care that comforts and strengthens us.
Meditating on a Sacred Moment An exercise to ground you in divine compassion.
Dissolving Fear in Bodhichitta Practice A practice to transform fear into empathy and compassion for all beings.