Let us awaken to the light: the world is full of God! For if it were empty, the world would long ago have died of disgust.

I bless you, matter, and you I acclaim as you reveal yourself to me today, in your totality and your true nature.

There is a communion with God,
and a communion with earth,
and a communion with God through earth.

Blazing Spirit,
Fire, personal, super-substantial,
the consummation of a union
immeasurably more lovely and more desirable
than that destructive fusion of which all the pantheists dream.
Be pleased yet once again
to come down and breathe a soul
into the newly formed, fragile film of matter
with which this day the world is to be freshly clothed.

Teilhard de Chardin in Teilhard de Chardin: A Book of Hours by Teilhard de Chardin, Kathleen Deignan (ed.), Libby Osgood (ed.)