I clasped a scintillating seedling
And vowed to sow it with motive.
Its growth to be a transcendent one,
And bring with it a change,
A change so profound and serene;
Capable of spawning a portrait
Of irrevocable, unconditional love
With strokes of perfection and
Shades of sanctity and brotherhood.

The emerald greens, a perfect healer;
Leaves of the crowned paradise.
To fill up the chasms of the ailing
With its wholesome remedial nectar
Nourish and replenish the barren land,
The miserable and forlorn souls.
The upright stems depicting faith and strength
And the deep roots signifying
The basis and grandeur of generosity.

The divine sapling shall sprout soon
And flip frowns upside down.
Showers of mercy from the
Unseen, infinite and supreme Lord
Shall satiate its intense thirst
Let it absorb the virtuous essence
Of goodwill and harmony.

A dream to sow hope, invigorating seeds
To cultivate unity, peace and equality.

Flowering exquisitely with pride,
The corolla deep, in hue and morality.
Emitting iridescent light,
To enlighten and brighten the world
In a spellbound manner
With rays of hope and optimism
Suffusing the surrounding
With an ethereal glow of compassion.
Weeds of wrath and contempt
Shall uproot from those piercing depths and
The concept of greenery will triumph again
For a lot more reasons then.

Originally published in KidSpirit Online for The Word issue.

Tanmaya Murthy wrote this poem when she was 18 years old. Tanmaya is from new Delhi, India, and her interests include reading mystery novels, theatre, and learning guitar.

Artwork by Sharon Lin, created when she was in 8th grade. She lives in Queens, New York.