April is National Poetry Month and as fine a time as ever to salute and to savor sacred poetry. This year, we are proud to offer poems from youth voices as part of our new collaboration with KidSpirit. We will present a new poem every day this month for your pleasure and spiritual enrichment. Enjoy!

April 1: The Journey of the Mind by Anya Dunaif
April 2: Looking West by Sofiy Inck
April 3: What Is a Hero? by Nimai Agarwal
April 4: The Word by Swastika Jajoo
April 5: After I Die by Niti Majethia
April 6: True… Or Not? By Swastika Jajoo
April 7: I See The Night by Maya Mesh
April 8: Sowing Hope by Tammata Murthy
April 9: Ever Deeper: A Poem for My Grandfather by Will Hodgkinson
April 10: Blue by Victoria Krylova
April 11: Pure Love by Gertie-Pearl Zwick-Schachter
April 12: When the Universe Sings Goodnight by Niti Majethia
April 13: Plastic Tractors by Will Hodgkinson
April 14: Perfume Bottles by Fareeha Shah
April 15: Rift into Childhood by Gracie Griffin
April 16: When the Sun by Charlotte Rauner
April 17: The Playground in Winter by Maria Christian
April 18: The Soul of Nature by Niti Majethia
April 19: Not Yet by Caie Kelley
April 20: Artemis by Alice Simmons
April 21: The Divine Vision by Tanmaya Murthy
April 22: Backyard Woods by Isabel Bautista
April 23. The Pear Tree by Caroline Harris
April 24. I always feel like myself by Pie Rasor
April 25: Volunteer by Rafik Maharjan
April 26: With a Pencil in My Hand by Gracie Griffin
April 27: The Sunset of My Life by Meenu ravi
April 28: The Watching One by Lucia O'Corozine
April 29: Selected Poems from Around the World by Mary Ernesi, Tanika Stewart, and Odelia
April 30: Snowflakes Carry My Worries Away by Katie Champlin