She is more than a dog
She is the world to me,
the one who is allowed
To sleep beside me — she

Whose wet nose is forever a
favorite memory
Who listens intimately
to all I say
The sweet murmur of
Her whine, the contented

Sigh that makes my own
Heart beat fast
If I meet
Her suddenly after a long
Parting I can’t

Speak — my tongue is broken
A thin flame runs under
My skin; seeing nothing,
I am all love and
kisses now

My body surges and what
Now runs through my veins is
Not blood but
Pure love.

Originally published in KidSpirit Online for the Discovery and Progress issue.

Gertie-Pearl Zwick-Schacter was 11 when she wrote this poem. She lives in New York City, where she loves to debate, sing, act, read, play guitar, and be with her friends and family.

Artwork by Merrell Hatton created when she was 16 years old. She is from Phoenix, Arizona.