I slowly put one small footpoem

in front of the other,

my gentle steps crunch

each bit of fresh fallen ice crystals.

I can’t control myself from daydreaming

about how beautiful snow is.

As I am greatly amused by the white flakes

gradually cascading onto the sidewalk

I tie the laces of my ice skates so that I can throw them

over my shoulders.

Snowflakes form small clouds in my eyes.

I find myself unable to wait

for the moment where I will be spinning across the pond

like a ballerina in a jewelry box.

As I progress my hand away from my shoulder

I can feel my slightly damp hair

that is now frozen.

Snowflakes melt on my fingers.

Bits of ice remain in my hand,

I think of the warm mittens in my pocket

and seize them quickly.

My cold face

and bright pink cheeks

are soothing and belong

in this winter wonderland.

Snowflakes fill my town with beauty.

I can’t come to regret taking this wonderful walk

for I am unable to forget

that this is what the earth should be like,

peaceful and loving,

No worries.

Originally published in KidSpirit Online for The Question of Meaning issue.

When Katie Champlin wrote this poem, she was in 8th grade. Katie lives in Maine and enjoys hiking, water-skiing, dancing, and lounging around lakes.

Artwork by Ada McCarroll, created when she was in 4th grade.