According to a Hasidic tale, a rabbi from Saragossa said:

"We can learn something from everything that exists in this world!"
"What can we learn from a train?" challenged on disciple.
"That because of one second, we can lose everything."
"And from a telegraph?"
"That every word counts, and we can be charged for each one."
"And a telephone?"
"That what we say here is heard There."

We could go on with other examples: the bicycle — as in life, we can't stop pedaling; the radio — if you're tuned to one station, you can't be tuned to another; the fax machine — there's no communication until someone else gives the signal. And the microwave — among other things, it's best to keep spirituality on low heat: certain shortcuts can burn your soul on the outside but leave it cold inside.

Nilton Bonder, Yiddishe Kop